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About House Velenar
A recently refurbished inn hidden among the remnants of Draenor, House Velenar stands as a gathering place for all, a safe hearth at a cross roads between the relative safety of Azeroth and the endless expanse of the Twisting Nether.  Fine food and good company are readily available, while more dangerous dealings go about behind closed doors.

Guild Info:
House Velenar is a inn/tavern based, Heavy RP guild focused on mostly low key group events, socializing, and helping one another with gear and level progression.  Relatively small in number, we're a close knit, low drama bunch just starting out and as such spend our time accordingly spread out between weekly guild RP events every Sunday evening, a series of events every other week spread out across the calendar dedicated to a mixture of RP, achievements, nabbing mounts and transmog gear from old raids, IC games and festivities, as well as attending weekly, bi weekly, and monthly events run by other guilds and server wide ones. We're most active in the evenings and around the weekends, but even if we ourselves aren't running something, you're sure to see at least a couple of our members at an event run by someone else. Feel free to contact any of our members for more information, or one of our officers for specifics!

Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Faction: Alliance
Level: 25
Focus: Heavy RP, Social, Light PVE, Light PVP
Size: Small (100-150, 5-10 active members during peak hours [evenings])
Contact: Kaeyrah, Jorath or Hakuuren via in game or website mail systems and/or Whispers.  All members available for generic questions about the guild.

Recruitment: Open to any class/spec so long as individuals are mature, respectful, low drama RPers. We ask that potential members apply to the website as soon as possible as alot of information is relayed through here, then contact a member of the guild so that we can set up a bit of RP with them in game to see if they would be a good fit. Typically speaking new members are placed in our Stable Hand rank for a week or two for a probationary period while we get a feel for them and they for us, at the end of which they'll meet with one or more of our Officers to discuss privately how things are going, what they like, what they don't like, what we've seen, anything that might have happened, etc. Assuming all went well, we'll bump them on up to either Customer rank or Staff, depending on which fits their character's RP better.  If things have proved problematic on the other hand, then we'll simply part as friends, working with them as best we can and networking with several of our allied and friendlly guilds to find them a home that better fits their playstyle, no hard feelings either way. Our focus is on building a better community, not just for RP or within our own guild, but in general and with the server as a whole, which means building up strong connections with everyone we meet, outside the guild as well as within.

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